At the end of your quiz, you should have received a letter - A, B, C, or D. 

Each of those letters represents a colour, or 'Personality Dimension'. 

Check out what your colour is! 


You are a RESOURCEFUL ORANGE. The colour, not the fruit!

Resourceful Oranges can be great multi-taskers. They thrive in situations that are flexible, and give them the freedom to act on things and express themselves. Resourceful Oranges are confident when taking risks and putting their skills into action.


We have a feeling you're an AUTHENTIC BLUE.

Authentic Blues can be amazing with motivating, supporting, and mediating. Their natural empathy and intuition gives them the ability to work well with others.  Authentic Blues are confident when there is harmony with the people around them and can express their creativity and imagination.


C was your most popular choice, so your dominant Personality Dimension is INQUIRING GREEN. 

Inquiring Greens can be excellent at research; they like to ask lots of questions and look at the facts. Whether they are about to make a big purchase, or undertake a project, having all the facts and being able to share them with others make Inquiring Greens feel confident.


Your results show you are an ORGANISED GOLD. 

Organised Golds can be talented planners; they need structure and predictability to do their best work and will stick to plans to see things through to the end. Timelines and deadlines are important to them, and they are confident when they can reflect on a job well done.

Can't remember which colour you were? 

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