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Workforce Development/Employee Engagement


the brief:

The Director of Wilmot Engineering, Graeme Wilmot, approached Jenny Gleeson Coaching and Consulting to support him in Business Development and Senior Management cultural change.


Wilmot Engineering commenced operation in February 1998 and has experienced significant growth in size and scope of operations since then.


They continue to offer excellence in service within the workshop, located in Boulder, Western Australia, and at an ever-increasing number of on-site locations. Wilmot Engineering has been recognised by the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Chamber of Commerce and Industry, winning awards for Business and Management.


All Senior Management Team members have been through DISC, Motivators and Emotional Quotients and have been debriefed, one on one. We utilised these tools in helping each other succeed by creating spaces in which they could be honest with each other and explore leadership capabilities and expand on performance.

Position descriptions were reviewed and redesigned and a performance manual was created. Self-efficacy strategies were implemented, and potential leaders identified. and provide goal setting strategies.

The Senior Team each completed a TriMetrix Report and debriefing, attended Time Management workshops, Vision Casting and Strategic Planning workshops.


Provision of Executive Coaching for the Senior Management Team, focusing on managing communication styles to different staff and situations, individual SWOT analysis, how to provide appropriate feedback to staff, including constructive criticism, analysis of natural leadership style/s, and implementing motivational techniques – what works and what is comfortable for YOU!


Wilmot has increased its visibility in the community and has won several local Chamber Awards for enterprise and initiative. Graeme also referred Jenny Gleeson Coaching and Consulting to Flex Industries where we are now introducing a change management and employee engagement plan.

“The services you delivered, help set me, personally, on the path of change” – Graeme Wilmot: Managing Director


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