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Developing the City’s Social Plan


the brief:

The Manager of the Leisure and Community Development Department contacted Jenny Gleeson Coaching and Consulting in relation to developing the City’s Social Plan. A Social Plan identifies areas that Council wishes to focus on over a period of time.  


The development of the Social Plan involved collating survey responses from community members regarding nine areas:

  1. Arts and Culture

  2. Disabilities

  3. Cultural Identity

  4. Families and Children

  5. Seniors

  6. Heritage

  7. Tourism

  8. Youth, and

  9. Sport and Recreation


There were over 450 responses that needed to be read, collated, ordered and summarised. The survey was broken into the nine sections and dealt with separately, grouped according to similarities and differences in comments. These were then summarised, and dot pointed then turned into short statements for inclusion in the final documentation. Data was compiled and graphed in accordance with percentages.


The responses were to be collated and summarised; providing an overview of the findings to then develop an Action Plan in which the issues, suggestions and concerns outlined in the Social Plan could best be addressed by Council.


The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder is dedicated to working with the community to achieve the best possible services, underpinned by the following:

  • people will call Kalgoorlie-Boulder home

  • there will be adequate facilities and services for everyone

  • we will encourage and support economic development and diversification

  • we will project a positive image at all times, demonstrating that we are a sustainable regional city of the future, with a ’can do’ approach

(City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder website)


As a result, the Social Plan was uploaded onto the Council’s website and members of the public were encouraged to provide feedback on the Social Plan. An Action Plan was also developed because of the Social Plan’s findings and comments made.



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