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  • A deeper understanding of how personalities in the classroom can come out in your students.

  • Discover how to identify particular traits in students, and gain the tools to teach them effectively.

  • Create trust, patience and empathy between you and your students, and between the students themselves. 

  • Get your students on the right track for success!

Student taking part in personality Dimensions


Students who aren't being heard, or who learn differently to others, can often be labelled as 'hard'. But we know the truth - they're just misunderstood! 

By using Personality Dimensions® (the latest in personality profiling tools), Jenny can teach you how to identify characteristics and traits of students that match either a Resourceful Orange, Organised Gold, Inquiring Green or Authentic Blue personality. 

Each personality profile learns differently to the next, and responds differently to stimuli and responsibility. 

By understanding your students, you can help them on the path to success. 

Book a FREE, no-obligation call to discuss how we can bring Personality Dimensions® to your school.

"[I liked] learning about the colours and realising no one person will have attributes found in only one of the colours." 

St James' Anglican SCHOOL
Year 10 Student


As well as offering workshops for educators, we run a series of workshops for teenagers. 

These are designed to give students a deeper understanding of themselves, and why they react and feel certain ways. They've proven to be incredibly successful, with rave reviews across WA!


Jenny brings with her a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and is the winner of multiple awards including National Highly Commended Practitioner of the Year (2016), State Life/Career Coach Eduprenuer of the Year (2015), State Goldfields Home-based Business Award (2012), National Career Practitioner of the Year (2007).

On top of that, she spends a lot of time tutoring and coaching young people, especially the pointy end kiddies, whom she loves and doesn’t shy away from. Writing and self-publishing a resource guide called “Personalities in the Classroom”, she sold out her first print run within 6-months and is now negotiating a second edition with Career/LifeSkills Resources Inc based in Canada. 

Her workshops are FUN, personable and friendly, and kids love her energy!

Jenny Gleeson instructing a student
Jenny Gleeson sits at a desk in Bunbury

+ Co-facilitator

Abbey Piggott from South West Mindfulness

Abbey is a passionate advocate of Personality Dimensions®.


Together with her expertise in managing stress for individuals via her Southwest Mindfulness business, Abbey brings her zest for life and enthusiasm for helping others to the workshops she co-facilitates with Jenny Gleeson.

Are you trying to connect with your teenager at home?

Workshops for parents are available as well. 

OUR key focuses

Our workshops are centred around the latest in personality profiling tools: Personality Dimensions.® 

Personality Dimensions delves into the following areas:


A reflective exercise where each student evaluates where they place value in life. 


This looks at their relationships with their parents, friends and boy/girlfriends if applicable.



A look into how each student best likes to work - under pressure, in a team, solo, listening to music etc.


An in-depth look at preferred communication methods - tone, directness, verbal vs written etc.


How a student responds to conflict in the classroom or at home depends a lot on their personality type.


A series of rankings to determine what participants most respect and identify in their own lives in order of importance.

Once all of the above areas have been discussed and explored, students find out which of the Personality Dimensions® colours they align with most. 

By aligning like-minded people into the four colour categories, a greater feeling of acceptance and understanding is achieved. 

A group of students are doing Personality Dimensions at school

   Reviews and Feedback:  

"Jenny was able to quickly grasp what I was trying to do and what I needed from her. She is a straight talker and will crack the whip when necessary (which was often for me as I needed it!)
She has a great range of experience working and volunteering as well as running her own business. What I particularly like about Jenny is that she is down to earth and real. Working with Jenny has enabled that business to proceed to the point where we have now commenced operations much quicker than we might have without her. I would highly recommend her."
Kristine Hewett
Co-Founder and Director,
Adamus Nexus | 2020 Finalist Women in Business – Social Impact
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