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the brief:

Jenny Gleeson Coaching & Consulting was contacted by the Coordinator of the PaCE program to help the Aboriginal parents attending the program build on their strengths in preparation for further education and training opportunities and employment.


The aim of the assistance provided by Jenny Gleeson Coaching & Consulting was to enhance the capacity of the participants to build strong leadership skills to become better role models in the community as well as building their capacity to achieve their career aims.


Over a four-week period, Jenny, Director of Jenny Gleeson Coaching & Consulting would meet with the group of parents to guide them through various employability techniques. In addition, Jenny assisted them individually to look at potential careers of interest and pathway planning to achieve their goals.


As a result of the program, all participants gained a greater understanding and appreciation of the expectations of the workplace, how to prepare themselves for the world of work, and gained a better understanding of which roles may best suit their personality type, skill sets and passions. One of the participants graduated university, whilst another was in the process of achieving her certification in youth services.



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