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3 Things I Took Away From Curtin’s 2021 Ignition Program

If you don’t follow my social media pages, you may have missed the grand adventure I’ve been on this month. Out of thousands of applicants, I was awarded a scholarship from RSM to attend Curtin’s 2021 Ignition Program – an exclusive opportunity to test, develop and gain the tools required for new business ventures (or to improve existing models). *Cue fireworks*

The course ran over 5 days in early September, and oh boy, they were jam packed! There were some pretty impressive speakers and mentors there as well, like Olivia Humphrey (pictured), Matt Macfarlane, Nicolle Jenkins, Isis Nair, Julissa Shrewsbury, Steve Elias, RSM, Phoebe McClements, David Gribble, Cam Sinclair, Charlie Gunningham, Rohan McDougall, Albert Ferraloro & Bindhu Holavanahalli, Natasha Teakle and so many more.

Olivia Humphrey delivering a powerful speech.

So what did I take away from this electric week full of movers and shakers?

1. Firstly, Perth is full of so much potential!

I haven’t lived in Perth for years. I grew up in Perth and pretty much left in my late twenties, vowing to never return (Perth drivers – OMG!). But the Ignition Program has made me rethink “sleepy ol’ Perth’ as a hub of full of vibrant, innovative, and energetic thinkers.

The week in the city opened my eyes to the possibilities before me, making me realise that my idea IS possible, and IS doable, especially with the amazing people of Perth behind me. So I guess my first key takeaway is to not let your past experience of a place cloud your judgement in the now.

“My idea IS possible! It IS doable!"

2. Never let the fear of success hold you back.

The term ‘Imposter Syndrome‘ was thrown around a fair few times during the week – referring to people not feeling they had the right to be there.

I didn’t feel like that at all.

I’m so over the Tall Poppy Syndrome of Australian culture. I for one was proud to be at the Ignition Program. I felt at home.

I want to say to everyone: you, like me and everyone else that attended the Ignition Program, had every right to be there. You are all amazing rock n’ rollers of Perth (and beyond)!

3. No one Knows Everything

There is still sooooo much more to learn!

The resources provided in the program (including links, readings, Youtube clips, book suggestions, speakers, panel members, facilitators, mentors, group members (go Orange Team! )) are invaluable. I’ll be pawing through them forever!

Everything that was presented over the week was so incredibly insightful and meaningful. I keep having brain explosions and A-Ha! moments!

I thought I would come away from the week exhausted. NOPE! I feel ‘next level’ and excited for what I can bring to my Personality Dimensions workshops and consulting services.

Thank you again RSM for this incredible opportunity, and if you have a business idea you want to get off the ground, I strongly suggest keeping an eye out for 2022’s program.

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