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Recognising and Appreciating Your Child’s Personality Type

Every child is unique. But there are certain personality aspects in everybody that align with the 4 Personality Types of Personality Dimensions®.


Personality profiling has been around for years! It’s nothing new, however it is rarely used to help parents understand and appreciate their child’s behaviour and tends to remain in the corporate world and utilised when conflict occurs, or as a professional development day. But I have had parents gasp in amazement as how accurate the reports are when I have conducted Personality Dimensions® activities with their child.

So how can you easily recognise and appreciate your child’s personality type?

Like many other profiling tools, Personality Dimensions® utilises four personality types: Resourceful Orange, Authentic Blue, Inquiring Green and Organised Gold.

Find out more about the colours here.

Although we are a combination of all four, we tend to prefer one (or sometimes two) modes of operation over others. The Personality Dimensions® tool takes people through a series of questions to help them determine their preferred style, but for now, here’s an overview of the four Personality Dimensions® types.

Can you identify your child in these?

Resourceful Orange

Personality Traits:

  • They use their skill, imagination and accessible materials to come up with effective solutions quickly, without necessarily thinking it all through

  • They need the freedom to act and make an impact

  • They get bored easily and will start distracting others

  • They make an immediate response and take immediate action

  • They focus on doing

  • You can see them quickly thinking something over and are gifted strategists, deciding the best move to make in the moment

  • They are able to adapt to any given situation and make determined efforts to improve it

  • You can see them naturally negotiating any situation they may be in

Emotional Needs:

Cause of Anxiety and Depression:

Stress Relief:

How to Help:

Authentic Blue

Personality Traits:

  • They are very open, honest and genuine with themselves and others

  • They are genuinely shocked by anything insincere or anyone who is two faced

  • They like to develop a uniqueness about them

  • They consider the impact their decisions will have on others before saying or doing

  • They are effective communicators

  • They spend time developing and nurturing relationships

  • They focus on the human potential in everyone

Emotional Needs

Causes of Stress and Depression:

Stress Relief:

How to Help:


Personality Traits:

  • They are excellent organisers and planners and cane become quite stressed when things aren’t going to plan

  • Like the People Person, they need to belong

  • They thrive on feeling responsible

  • They believe in contributing to society and providing a service

  • They value the presence of order, lawfulness, security and institutions

  • They take into consideration traditions and economic impact when making a decision

  • They focus on planning, security and stability

  • To ensure compliance and efficiency, they develop and use regulations for

  • They tend to be orderly

  • They appreciate family and cultural traditions

Emotional Needs:

Cause of Anxiety and Depression

Stress Relief:

How to Help:


Personality Traits:

  • Their need to know and fully understand a concept is of absolute importance to them

  • They are driven by knowledge and competence

  • While other types may focus on action or emotions, Straight Shooters use logic when reasoning

  • They strive to find the rational meaning behind everything

  • They focus on patterns and systems and are very objective and theoretical

  • They enjoy and are good at developing and applying strategies

  • They tend to be analytical and skeptical

  • They are skilled long-term planner – contributing strategy, design and invention

Emotional Needs:

Cause of anxiety and depression:

Stress Relief:

How to Help:

If you would like to find out additional ways to support your child and understand their personality type in more detail, Abbey Piggott from Southwest Mindfulness and I run workshops called “Understanding Your Teen”. Get in touch today to find out when the next workshop is running.

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