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Working from Home instead of in the Office

Using Personality Dimensions® to help your staff with the transition.


Since the onset of COVID in our worlds, many people work from home now. With this transition, multiple challenges have raised their ugly heads, but also multiple possibilities. There is no denying that there has been a massive cultural shift in how we, as a society, conduct business. What hasn’t changed, though, is the personalities of the individuals sitting behind the desk and in front of their computer screen.

What is Personality Dimensions®?

Personality Dimensions® assisting us how to understand the different personalities we work with and helps us better understand how to engage people regardless of where they are. Being able to appreciate how each type prefers to connect when working from home, will ensure that connectedness remains, even during these challenging times.

Working at Home as an Authentic Blue:

The main personality type that may feel challenged during this time is Authentic Blues as they need to build and form relationships and feel connected. To support an Authentic Blue in this change in a workplace environment, they would appreciate phone calls, virtual meetings, and personalised mail from their colleagues. Authentic Blues would appreciate this gesture!

Working at Home as an Organised Gold:

For those who identify as an Organised Gold, everything has dramatically shifted for them. They are now working from home and are trying to balance their work and private lives, which can be challenging when they thrive on compartmentalising their worlds. Through these trying times, the best way to support an Organised Gold is to ensure that structure is maintained as much as possible including meetings and timelines are still being kept and upheld. Also, an Organised Gold would appreciate a “thank you” for all the hard work and dedication that they have made to ensure that their work is still completed on time.

Working from Home as an Inquiring Green:

Inquiring Greens may also be struggling if they are not accustomed to working from home as they cannot keep constant note of how their colleagues are faring. It is essential to ensure that the individuals that they are working with continue to have a higher level of standard and are keeping on track. By keeping this high level of standard ensures that projects and priorities are still on track.

Working from Home as a Resourceful Orange:

Finally, the Resourceful Orange in this ever-changing climate is the one that can help. Resourceful Oranges are natural helpers in a crisis because they can comfortably deal with the pace of change and working on limited information. Resourceful Oranges need and enjoy freedom and the ability to work on various tasks at different times. Because of their need for freedom, it is important to check-in on them to make sure that deadlines are met.


Knowing, understanding, and appreciating our colleagues’ concerns and how to support them, is needed now more than ever. Each personality comes with great strengths but also fears and anxieties. Knowing how to support them, and when, is the best gift we can give them in these trying times.

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