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Career Clarity and Direction Post-School

Helping families of Year 12's gain clarity on their career direction.

Service Description

DESIGNED FOR FAMILIES GOING THROUGH YEAR 12 It’s coming close to the end of Year 12, are you: Worried that your teen isn’t prepared for ‘what’s next’? Unsure of how you can support them moving forward? Worried about which career pathway they should be taking? By attending this one-hour online workshop with Jenny Gleeson (Award Winning Youth Career Coach) you will: - Have a better understanding of which careers suit the different personality types - Learn how to support your teen based on their personality type - Learn how to encourage them to consider your opinion and concerned without them rolling their eyes at you TO GET STARTED: We want to make sure you have all of the information before you begin a Jenny Gleeson workshop! Please give me a call on 0433 884 847 for a FREE 20 minute Discovery Call, where we can discuss your needs and find a suitable time. Alternatively, email me at and we can get the ball rolling from there! Once we've had a chat, you'll receive a welcome and confirmation email from our team outlining what will be discussed, and how to make payment. After the workshop, you'll receive an invitation to join our exclusive Jenny Gleeson Workshops for Families Group on Facebook, full of parents with the same questions as you!

Cancellation Policy

No refunds.

Let's get started!

0433 884 847

Perth WA, Australia

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