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Personality Dimensions® at School

Bespoke workshops for your students.

Service Description

Is your class feeling a bit lost? Do you have a few students who don't seem to be learning in the same way as the rest? Your students could benefit from a custom-built Jenny Gleeson workshop. We tailor our workshops for each year group, matching the workshop to where the year group is ‘at’ in terms of growth, maturity, school curriculum, career programs already running in the school, and areas of growth that the school focuses on. Workshops are tailored to suit the values and mission of the school, school curriculum, and align to the school’s Strategic Plan. We will also ensure that workshops will fit into the timetable as much as possible. An introductory workshop usually run for 45 minutes – hour. HOW TO START: 1. To learn more, please call me (Jenny Gleeson) on 0433 884 847 for a FREE 20 minute Discovery Call, or email Jenny at 2. We will walk through the course in more detail, pricing and available dates. ___ WHAT THE KIDS SAY: "[I liked] learning about the colours and realising no one person will have attributes found in only one of the colours." "It was good to find people that were more relatable." "I realised, as much as I hate studying, I really enjoy researching and learning new things. I never thought I would be an Inquiring Green but am glad that I am." "I enjoyed finding clarity about myself and finding out that I don’t have to be a specific type of personality." - St. James' Anglican School Yr 10 Students

Cancellation Policy

No refunds.

Let's get started!

0433 884 847

Perth WA, Australia

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