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Reducing Stress in the Household

Workshops to alleviate tensions in the family through understanding.

Service Description

Do you find that different family members always seem to clash? Are you concerned with the level of emotion and conflict that happens in the house? Do some members seem to get stuck in emotion and others express none? During this ½ day workshop, Abbey Piggott (Stress and Anxiety Coach) discusses how understanding personality types provides: - A greater awareness of how each personality type expresses emotions - Techniques on how to communicate with different types so they feel valued, heard and understood - Various systems that can be put in place to support different personality types in the family During this workshop you will also undergo your own personality type assessment and how your actions and reactions influence your child, family members, and those around you. ~~TO GET STARTED:~~ We want to make sure you have all of the information before you begin a Jenny Gleeson workshop! Please give me a call on 0433 884 847 for a FREE 20 minute Discovery Call, where we can discuss your needs and find a suitable time. Alternatively, email me at and we can get the ball rolling from there! Once we've had a chat, you'll receive a welcome and confirmation email from our team outlining what will be discussed, and how to make payment. WHAT THE KIDS SAY: "[I liked] learning about the colours and realising no one person will have attributes found in only one of the colours." "It was good to find people that were more relatable." "I realised, as much as I hate studying, I really enjoy researching and learning new things. I never thought I would be an Inquiring Green but am glad that I am." "I enjoyed finding clarity about myself and finding out that I don’t have to be a specific type of personality."

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Perth WA, Australia

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