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Whether you're looking to improve the efficiency and turnover of your organisation, connect with your loved ones, or if you're looking for a new and exciting career path, I have the option for you!

Workshops and Coaching services designed to bring your team together. After a half day or full day workshop, your team will have a better understanding of how everyone operates, how they like to be spoken to, and how to get the best work out of each other. 


A series of hands-on, super fun workshops to run with your students, to help understand how to best teach to different personalities. You may find some students can sit quietly and absorb information well, while others are better at seeking answers in different forms. I will help you better understand the needs of each of your students.


You can become a Level 1 Facilitator of Personality Dimensions® workshops, delivering creative, team-building experiences to your own organisation that you can deliver time and time again! You can also become a Level 2 Facilitator, and start a new, exciting and fulfilling career. 


If your household is struggling with communication or understanding one another, a one on one coaching session with Jenny Gleeson may be your solution. Find out why people are the way they are, and how best to engage and communicate with your partner and/or child(ren).

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