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development of a suite of online, aboriginal-specific career tools.

the brief:

Jenny Gleeson Coaching & Consulting developed a Scoping Document outlining the career development tools currently, readily and easily accessible to Indigenous people in Western Australia. The Scoping Document we produced outlined that there was very little in the way of career development tools specifically for Indigenous people, that were free or accessible to be used by all, regardless of where they lived.


Jenny Gleeson Coaching & Consulting underwent an in-depth analysis of what was already currently available in regards to on-line career development tools and discussed options with career practitioners who specialise in working with Aboriginal people in a career development context.


The Principle Consultant consulted with a wide variety of private practitioners, Government agencies, Not for Profits and community based organisations throughout Western Australia to gain insight into the most suitable tools in which to build. The Principal Consultant personally visited organisations in Kalgoorlie, Karratha, Broome, Port and South Hedland, as well as Geraldton to discuss the gaps in service provision.


The objective was to rectify the fact that very little Indigenous focused career related tools seemed readily available, especially to those living in remote and regional areas. Jenny Gleeson Coaching & Consulting wrote a suite of on-line resources that was freely available to Indigenous Western Australians.


The suite of career related resources included documentation for career practitioners on engaging Indigenous people in discovering personal talents that can be transferred to a future career, links to other websites that can assist in one’s career development, and an interactive, flexible, fun and holistic career development program with appropriate hands on activities to support the individual.


After thorough research, liaising with Indigenous people throughout Western Australia, including those in rural, remote and urban settings, as well as people assisting Indigenous people in a career context, researching methodologies from leading Indigenous career development countries such as Canada, and extensive travel including attendance at Indigenous specific employment seminars, Jenny Gleeson Coaching & Consulting designed a suite of resources that have been included on the new Department of Training and Workforce Development website.


These tools include two card sorts, templates with images, pop up boxes and dialogued explanations. The Director also delivered her findings at an International Careers Conference in Montpellier, France.



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