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library assistants redundancies

the brief:

Jenny Gleeson Coaching & Consulting was contacted by the Career Development and Transition Professional at The University of Western Australia to run a series of workshops for Library Assistants who were applying for higher level positions within the University. The University was phasing out Level II positions and replacing them with Level III positions and all Level II staff were given the opportunity to apply.


Considering the sensitive nature of the process, each participant was given a set of resources that they could take away with them and review at a later date should the process become too overwhelming.


The Career Development and Transition Professional was on hand should one of the participants become upset, and all participants had access to Jenny Gleeson Coaching & Consulting services either via email or phone on a 24/7 basis for the duration of the contract.


The main aim of the contract was to deliver a series of career related workshops to the Level II Library Assistants who were going through a redundancy. These workshops revolved around resume writing, interview techniques, writing selection criteria and job applications.

One on one coaching was also made available to interested participants as well as an opportunity to undergo mock interviews.


Many of the participants were grateful for the opportunity to attend the workshops, one on one coaching and mock interviews but choose to take the redundancy on offer anyway. Six participants were successful in gaining the higher level role, four went on to gain employment elsewhere, and one lady decided to look into self-employment in a completely different field.


The results were so successful that the Career Development and Transition Professional engaged Jenny Gleeson Coaching & Consulting in running similar workshops for other departments within the university.



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