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alacer gold corp.

the brief:

Alacer Gold contacted Jenny Gleeson Coaching and Consulting looking for a two day workshop to cover leadership skills, conflict resolution, team building and supervisory functions. The workshop was to be delivered to the Management team, Supervisors and Leading Hands. These workshops were extremely difficult to coordinate due to rosters and commitments of the various participants, however the facilitator was able to easily adapt to the given situation.


Jenny Gleeson Coaching and Consulting took these objectives into consideration and developed a two day workshop based on Personality Dimensions, which focuses on the variety of personality types in the workplace and how to interact effectively with others. Added to this, the facilitator added information gained from her own professional development in conflict resolution and team building. Being a Supervisor and Manager in previous roles, she was able to reflect on practices she had learned from in the past.


The key objective was to deliver an effective workshop over a two day period that was flexible enough to account for the interruptions many of the participants would encounter. The workshops were delivered on-site in the Training Room so the participants were able to visit their workstations during break and other administrative staff were easily accessible.

Many of the participants were new to their roles and needed an overview of how to act in accordance to their new positions. The workshops were to provide an overview of acceptable behaviour in the new roles and how to deal effectively with staff.


The workshops were a huge success due to the flexible delivery style, the combination of power point presentations, hand outs, independent reflection time and interaction amongst participants. The participants were able to utilise the skills taught in the workshops and apply them to their everyday work context.

"Very informative and definitely something all supervisors and team leaders need to be aware of"



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