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UNDERSTAND YOUR family better




  • An understanding of why your teenager acts and responds the way they do

  • Methods to effectively communicate with your teenager and other family members 

  • Why your personality clashes with other family members 

  • How to help your teenager through senior school years

  • How to show trust and belief in your child

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Have you reached a barrier of communication with your teenager? High school years can be incredibly stressful, and not knowing your teenager on a deep level can result in a lot of tension, miscommunication, unintentional pressure and hurt feelings. 

By understanding your child's personality, you can respond and communicate with them in a way they will respect.

Jenny Gleeson specialises in bridging communication gaps between families using the latest in coaching tools. All of those awkward conversations? Not awkward anymore! 

Choose from a one-hour workshop online, or an in-depth half day option to really gain a deep understanding of yourself and your family members.

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One hour or half day in-depth workshops based specifically on helping your child through this difficult and highly stressful time in their life. 


Workshops designed to help parents understand and guide their teenagers who are in Year 10 - 12.

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Jenny Gleeson



Growing up, I really struggled with thinking there was something wrong with me. I questioned if my parents were REALLY my parents, why I felt so sick and anxious all the time, wondered why I was here, I was in a constant state of anxiety.


Unlike a lot of my friends, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do after Year 10. I did my Year 10 work experience placement at Miss Mauds because I thought I wanted to be a Pastry Chef - no thanks! Then I was lost again, so I went to Year 11 and 12.

I completed school but completed it badly with a whole suite of tragedies in between. When I was 19 I had four friends commit suicide. They all felt lost, not understanding the point of life. 

Which is what has lead me to become a youth Coach, mentor and tutor. 

Being a teenager feels like yesterday.

The stress, anxiety and feeling lost during those years sits at the forefront of my mind. Losing my friends to suicide drives my desire to assist teenagers as much as possible. No one deserves to feel so lost they no longer want to live. I became a Secondary English Teacher because I am passionate about the power of language then became a Career Coach specialising in working with teens because, well, I can SEE their confusion and I KNOW I can help. 


I have worked with Aboriginal teens, culturally diverse teens, youth at risk of falling through the cracks and disengaging with the education system, youth who are focused and on track to succeed, and general every day young people. I am blessed to be able to understand how parents and carers feel and have worked with Grandparents looking after their grandchildren, foster parents, joint parenting, disjointed parenting, and regular everyday parents. Couples and large family members have engaged my services, simply to gain greater insight into how their loved ones tick.

Although I offer a lot of services, my favourite thing to do is working with teens and parents utilising personality profiling to help them find a common language, removing the finger pointing and misunderstandings.

I take the time to deeply listen, reframe and reword for understanding.
The A-HA moments between teen and adult during my sessions with them, brings the biggest smiles to faces and sense of satisfaction - not just for me, but them as well.  


Find out which colour you most align with, and start your journey of self discovery and building better relationships in your life!

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Are you ready to understand your family members and resolve any miscommunications or traumas lingering? Or are you maybe tempted to take the next step in understanding your teenager but don't know where to start?

Why not try a FREE 20 minute call with Jenny to start with? It's super easy, you just have to book!

   Reviews and Feedback:  

"Jenny was able to quickly grasp what I was trying to do and what I needed from her. She is a straight talker and will crack the whip when necessary (which was often for me as I needed it!)
She has a great range of experience working and volunteering as well as running her own business. What I particularly like about Jenny is that she is down to earth and real. Working with Jenny has enabled that business to proceed to the point where we have now commenced operations much quicker than we might have without her. I would highly recommend her."
Kristine Hewett
Co-Founder and Director,
Adamus Nexus | 2020 Finalist Women in Business – Social Impact
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