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Are you timely and organised? Maybe you're someone who follows their heart over their head. The latest in personality profiling tools, Personality Dimensions® is exploding in Australia in a big way.  Once you know your personality colour, you can begin understanding your communication styles, how you like to be spoken to, why you react the way you do to situations, and how to best talk to other people to get the most out of your relationships. 



Let's get started! 

1. It's 10pm. You are...
2. What’s in your self-care toolbox?
3. What does wellness mean to you?
4. When do you feel the greatest mind-body connection?
5. You’re ready to move. What does your workout involve?
6. I get stressed out if:
7. I like it when I get to:
8. When I have to deal with change:
9. When you are feeling your best self, what group of what describe you?
10. How would others describe you when you are at your best?


Mostly A

Your personality style leans towards Organised Gold.

Mostly B

Your personality style is mostly Authentic Blue.

Mostly C

You have a dominant Inquiring Green personality type. 

Mostly D

Your personality style is mostly Resourceful Orange.

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