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Small Steps Towards a Better Future

Keipa Boodja

the brief:

Annette Garlett, Chair of Keipa Boodja Aboriginal Corporation, approached Jenny Gleeson Coaching & Consulting to support her grow and develop the members of Keipa Boodja as well as write various funding applications, a Capability Statement, and assist in business planning. 


Through a series of conversations, it was noted that many of the members were lacking confidence in their abilities and simply needed some guidance and support in recognising their own unique talents and skill sets. It was also noted that Keipa Boodja’s focus was to provide cultural awareness and on country experiences, as well as provide support for the growth and development of other Noongar people. However, many of the members did not have any experience in facilitation skills or creating educational opportunities, so it was decided that we focus on those areas first and foremost.


  • To assist Keipa Boodja Board Members, who are all Noongar people, in gaining confidence in presentation and facilitation skills, design and development of workshop content, time management, business skills, and negotiation skills. 

  • Assist the unemployed and under-employed Noongar people within the community to gain confidence and skills to enable them to apply for employment and/or further training within the community.  

  • To provide life skills which will benefit unemployed and under-employed Noongar people as well as their families. 


Jenny Gleeson assisted with writing a funding application to Gnaala Karla Booja Charitable Trust to obtain a small grant that focused on the co-designed and co-facilitation of a series of workshops called “Small Steps Towards a Better Future”. Two strategic planning days were held with members of Keipa Boodja to discuss the topics to be covered in the workshops. Keipa Boodja decided on the following: 

  1. Small Steps: Goal setting and follow through. 

  2. Public speaking and presentation 

  3. Work ethics and expectations

  4. Money Appreciation - How to Not Blow Your Money

  5. Being a good role model 

  6. Decision Making

Jenny Gleeson and members of Keipa Boodja then brainstormed what content needed to be included in the workshops. Jenny then developed an outline and presented them back to members of Keipa Boodja. All parties then co-created the workshops, ensuring cultural relevance.


Morrgul is now assisting Keipa Boodja with gaining traction in the community as a preferred provider of cultural awareness and a provider of educational and life skills training for local Noongar people.


Keipa Boodja are also involved in the Bunbury Outer Ring Road Project providing mentoring for Noongar employees, where they are utilising the skills learnt in the ‘Small Steps Towards a Better Future’ in their mentoring.  They are in negotiation with various Workforce Australia providers to run the workshops as part of a pre-employment program.  

Images shared with permission from Keipa Boodja Aboriginal Corporation.


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