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Letter of Support from Breakaway Aboriginal Corporation

In 2022, I began working with Breakaway Aboriginal Corporation and Keipa Boodja Aboriginal Corporation on a program we had developed for their youth communities involving Personality Dimensions®. We called it 'A Taste of Colour'.

I am over the moon to have received a letter of support from Kris Penny himself, the Executive Officer of Breakaway Aboriginal Corporation.

Here it is!


To Whom It May Concern

I would like to take this opportunity to endorse the work of Jenny Gleeson for the Breakaway Aboriginal Corporation. Jenny is training and assisting in the delivery of the Personality Dimensions – Career Dimensions Program to our staff, a cohort of young people we are currently working with as well as stakeholders in the area.

Jenny Gleeson’s services have been engaged National Career Institute Partnership Grant Funding, Fund Round IV, which we were successful in obtaining. The key objectives of this funding:

  • To train staff in personality profiling and career development as it relates to their cohort of young people.

  • Promote program to families, employers, schools.

  • Deliver career programs over two semesters.

  • Run career events for youth, families, employers, and schools.

  • Young people will understand career dimensions of personality, styles, strengths, characteristics related to careers.

  • Gain a greater awareness of skills sought by employers.

  • Create individualised career pathway planning.

  • Family/Employers are invited to events to engage with youth through a shared understanding.

Our strategy in utilising Personality Dimensions:

  • Is aimed at assisting young people in education, employment, or training to discover careers of interest in a supported, structured, and explorative environment.

  • The program is designed to build the capacity of the young people to reach their full potential by increasing their understanding of skills sought by employers, learn how to research careers of interest for themselves, and how to network with ease.

  • Not only does this program build career confidence for the young people but also builds capacity of the staff (Breakaway and Keipa Boodja Aboriginal Corporations), who will obtain a Level I Certification of the program in advance and support the young people over the course of the program and beyond, as required.

The young people who have attended the program are gaining greater insights about themselves and those around them and are gaining a deeper understanding about careers that they may be best suited to. These young people are at risk of disengaging, many coming from trauma backgrounds and do not ‘fit’ the mainstream cohort.

This program is transferable across other cohorts and will be very beneficial for people with whom we work: youth and adults in contact, or at risk of contact, with the justice system, youth disengaged from the education system and homeless persons.

Jenny has worked flexibly with our staff and youth participants to deliver the training and the program while negotiating COVID difficulties, staff and student commitments and the vagaries of winter weather in the South West. She has even arranged to deliver the training to one staff member located in the Eastern Goldfields.

She has maintained close liaison with our staff at all times and has been very easy to work with.

I am therefore pleased to recommend Jenny Gleeson and the program which she is able to both deliver, and to training others to deliver.

Yours sincerely



27 October 2022

Thank you for your support, Kris!

Check out our Case Study here.

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