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15+ Years with Careers Development Association Australia (CDAA)

I am very honoured to receive recognition from CDAA for being a member for 15 years, though I think it is more like 18+ as I was a member before the CDAA changed its name to CDAA. ;-)

During this time I have been honoured to serve on the WA State Committee several times, act as a representative for rural WA, participate in Leadership Workshops, be asked for official input and insight into various career related matters, and receive several awards from CDAA Inc: National Career Practitioner of the Year and National Highly Commended Practitioner of the Year.

I have also presented at various National and International Conferences on behalf of CDAA and am a Fellow of CDAA; a status only a few hold. I am also honoured to be the Chair of the Membership Committee and play an active, but behind the scenes role, on the bi-annual CDAA Awards Judging Panel.

I have also featured in many articles for various career magazines and e-newsletters, which usually relate to rural and remote career development and Indigenous specific career matters as this is my area of expertise and interest.

Actually, in hindsight, it's been a HUGE 15+ years!

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