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St James' Anglican School the first to try our new pilot program: 'Personality Dimensions® @ School'

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Earlier this year, I was approached by St. James' Anglican School's Head of Careers, Ella Pearce, after she saw one of my ads in Bev Johnson's quarterly In-Focus Careers newsletter.

Whilst schools and universities in Canada have taken Personality Dimensions® to the classroom and ran with it, our Australian schools and unis are yet to use it to its full capacity. As such, I created a pilot program intended especially for Australian schools, to help students understand themselves better and realise what will grant them the most happiness in life.

Together with Abbey Piggott from South West Mindfulness (a qualified Level I Facilitator of Personality Dimensions), and the amazing support and backup of Gina Newport (Level I Personality Dimensions Facilitator), and Ella from St. James, a program and schedule structured specifically for the 71 Year 10's participating was created - a robust, fun filled and insightful series of workshops ranging from value card sorts, vision boarding, competitions, guest speakers, online profiling, and even a play enacted by their Teachers, who represented the different colour types found in Personality Dimensions®!

My experience in teaching, tutoring and career counselling meant that I was absolutely in my element! The students were all enthralled by the activities, and the feedback was fantastic. A common theme was that they enjoyed realising that no one is just one colour and that's it - we're all a wonderful concoction and combination of all of them, and all unique.

"I found more words to describe myself."

As well as working with the students to discover their own personality colours and the colours of those around them, we took a deep dive into career paths and options best matched to their personalities.

We discussed the different work environments preferred by each colour style, the people they may enjoy working with the most, and most importantly, discussing pathways outside of the traditional school -> uni options.

"[I liked] that even though I am mostly a Green, I am also all of the other colours and no one is the same amount of those colours as me."

Ella has now moved to a new Anglican College and she is interested in rolling out Personality Dimensions® at her new school and introducing the concept to Anglican Schools Australia.

if you’re keen to see your students succeed, just like the Year 10s at St James, give me a call! The first 20 minute consultation is on me.

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